Budding branches

I know everyone has different inspiration when they paint. I find inspiration in lots of things, but every now and then I find it in magazines.  I found a beautiful photo in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine of some flowering branches in a green pottery pitcher with a blue background.  The colors were gorgeous, and I loved the photo.  I ripped it out and threw it on my inspiration pile (which is getting a little out of hand but that’s a mess for another day). I never intended to do the painting just like the photo, but it was too awesome to change.  I removed a couple things in the photo, made the flowers a bit larger, and added an antique glaze on top.  Overall, I liked the painting.  It wasn’t quite the photo, but I loved the antique feel of it.

vase of buds

If I had a million blue Ball jars

No seriously, I wish I had a million blue Ball jars.  I might just settle for a crap ton of them.  I would photograph them and paint them and paint them some more and just go a little crazy with the paintings of Ball jars and use a ridiculous amount of run-on sentences while I do it.  As it is, I have several of these gorgeous aqua jars, and I will be adding to my collection when I can.  This painting with flowers was a gift for a friend.  Her bathroom was all aqua and purple, and I thought a photo of lilacs in a jar I came across would make a beautiful painting.  The painting is an acrylic 8×10 on canvas.  For acrylics, I use a variety of paint brands (mostly Golden, Liquitex, Dick Blick, and M. Graham), and I also use glazes and gel mediums.  For this painting, I added a gel medium to the background because I wanted a textured feel.  I glazed on top to bring out the texture, as well.

Lilacs in Ball jar