Goodbye winter

I love that I can experience all four seasons in the state of Michigan, where I live.  I do not love that sometimes, winter decides to stay extra long.  This year was one of those years, and most of us Michiganders couldn’t wait until spring was finally here. Last week it was snowing.  Snowing.  In April.

Now that it is spring, I can look back and be glad I made it happy and mostly healthy through another cold winter.  Here, cardinals symbolize winter just like robins symbolize spring .  I’m posting this watercolor of a cardinal to say goodbye to winter.  Gorgeous sights like cardinals sitting on snowy branches are one of the few joys I get out of a nasty, cold season.  My inspiration for this was a photo I found on the website  I love that site to get photos to paint from if I can’t find one of my own to paint from.  I do like painting live scenes, however, I rarely paint things in one sitting.  Also, I never paint the same time every day so the lighting, shadows, and coloring change.  Anyway, here is my female cardinal watercolor to say so long winter, see you later this year at our usual time


Don’t Blink

Yes, Don’t Blink is from Doctor Who.  I love Doctor Who, and when I painted this watercolor, I was obsessed with weeping angels.  If you don’t watch Doctor Who, weeping angels are statues of angels.  They move when you are not looking at them and they freeze to stone when you do look at them.  I liked angel statues before that, but the tv show elevated my like into love, and that’s where the obsessing came from.  This watercolor is done with just one color- Indigo.  I liked the indigo because it reminded me of the TARDIS that David Tennant used on the show. If you don’t know what a TARDIS is, watch the show!  I don’t think I can accurately describe the awesomeness of the TARDIS.  Ok, I’m not really that pushy.  You don’t really have to watch it.  You just have to like indigo and/or like angel statues to appreciate my painting of an angel statue.

 Indigo Angel Statue

Fruits of my labor

Pears on a board

Okay, I know it’s a cheesy title, but this is about fruits.  More specifically, it’s about pears.  This is the first post in this blog so I wanted to describe the pear picture that I have in my header.  I love painting pears almost as much as I love eating them (they are so delicious!).  They are knobby and pitted and beautifully imperfect.  Capturing the imperfections, for me, is what makes a painting look real.

This watercolor painting was done on Arches cold press paper.  I blocked out the pears and the wood with masking fluid and masking tape while I worked on the background.  For the back ground, I painted blotches with my masking fluid.  Then I added many layers of color beginning with a light wash of yellows and greens.  I built up the color on the left with a couple layers of light paint.  Then, I painted a thick layer of green on the left, and put some crinkled saran wrap on top.  I left that to dry, removed the masking fluid in the background and added a couple more light layers of color.  I worked on the board next, and I did the pears last.  Both the board and pears were achieved with many light glazes of the watercolor.  I hope you enjoy!