Budding branches

I know everyone has different inspiration when they paint. I find inspiration in lots of things, but every now and then I find it in magazines.  I found a beautiful photo in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine of some flowering branches in a green pottery pitcher with a blue background.  The colors were gorgeous, and I loved the photo.  I ripped it out and threw it on my inspiration pile (which is getting a little out of hand but that’s a mess for another day). I never intended to do the painting just like the photo, but it was too awesome to change.  I removed a couple things in the photo, made the flowers a bit larger, and added an antique glaze on top.  Overall, I liked the painting.  It wasn’t quite the photo, but I loved the antique feel of it.

vase of buds

Dear summer, take all your weddings and shove it

Wow, what a busy summer!  Weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and bonfires are just a few of the things I’ve had to handle.  Pretty much all of these things require gifts or food to pass.  So, in the absence of a favorite pal, money, I have been making the gifts.  That, too is consuming a lot of time.  I count myself lucky that I am crafty and creative enough to make the presents. I’ve still been painting off and on, just not as much as I’d like.  This picture is of an oil painting I did for a friend’s birthday.  She loves wine and has had wine tasting parties in the past.  It is a bit more old school traditional than I usually do, but I was happy for the results.  The painting is only an 8×10 on canvas board so each layer went rather quickly.  I don’t usually like canvas board, but it’s affordable and easy to fit in a standard picture frame.


Palette knife painting

palette knife landscape

Have you ever worked on a project for hours, only to find you didn’t like the end result?  That has happened to me several times with larger paintings.  I found something that was visually pleasing to me with good composition.  I went to paint it and put an enormous effort into this large painting.  Then, when I got my finished product, I was disappointed.  What the hell happened? Why does the reference photo or still life setting look so good, but the painting looked like crap on toast?  Smaller paintings are awesome because even if I don’t like the end result, I only wasted a couple hours.  Yes, I know making mistakes is a learning experience, and with painting the more I practice, the better I get.  The painting process for me is always calming, but the burst of enjoyment I get when seeing my completed painting is what fuels me to paint more.   Small paintings are great to take care of a needed creative fix, but they are also a good pick-me-up if the painting turns out how I imagined.  This landscape is an 8×10 oil painting on canvas that I did with a palette knife.  I like to use a palette knife sometimes because my palette knife paintings are always a different style than painting with brushes. I think this one is going to join the other landscapes that I’ve acquired or painted for my bedroom.  Have a lovely week!