When it came to art, I was just like everyone else when I was a kid.  I had my markers and crayons, and I would try to color in the lines of my stick figure drawings.  I was stereotypically girly in my art.  I loved to paint horses and unicorns, and the pink and purple crayons were the first to be used up in my Crayola box.  Everything was basic, and I didn’t even think I could achieve anything other than the regular stick figure unicorn.  That is until I found my mom’s sketchbook.  I never realized my mother was an artist until I flipped through those pages.  I must’ve been five or six-ish, and I was enthralled after finding a sketch of some horses that my mom drew.  That started it right there.  I knew if my mom could draw those realistic horses, then I could, too.  I started trying to copy her horses and moved on to sketching many other things.  I don’t think I ever did do a good copy of that drawing, but it provided the spark.  I drew through highschool, but didn’t really get into other mediums.  I tried pastels, oil and soft, and I didn’t care for them at the time.  The only paint I used was the craft kind that came in a billion colors at the variety store. That paint was for signs, ornaments, and various other  of my craft projects.  It wasn’t until I took a painting class at a local community college many years later that I discovered I love to paint.  My first painting on canvas was simple, a chair with a bowl of soap. The colors were an uncomplicated blend of white, alizarin crimson, yellow ochre, and Payne’s gray.  When I brought my completed project to class, everyone loved it during the critique and I was happy with it.  Class critiques are great because students can get feedback, but my favorite part was checking out the other student’s art.  It was like going to an art gallery.  It was during the critique, that I caught another spark.  Would you believe it that it came from a horse again?  One of the other students painted a realistic gorgeous close-up of a horse, and once again I thought if she can do that, why can’t I?  Since, I’ve learned a lot, and I mostly love painting animals and fruit.  I am still learning, and I love experimenting with new techniques.  I hope you enjoy my art


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