Goodbye winter

I love that I can experience all four seasons in the state of Michigan, where I live.  I do not love that sometimes, winter decides to stay extra long.  This year was one of those years, and most of us Michiganders couldn’t wait until spring was finally here. Last week it was snowing.  Snowing.  In April.

Now that it is spring, I can look back and be glad I made it happy and mostly healthy through another cold winter.  Here, cardinals symbolize winter just like robins symbolize spring .  I’m posting this watercolor of a cardinal to say goodbye to winter.  Gorgeous sights like cardinals sitting on snowy branches are one of the few joys I get out of a nasty, cold season.  My inspiration for this was a photo I found on the website  I love that site to get photos to paint from if I can’t find one of my own to paint from.  I do like painting live scenes, however, I rarely paint things in one sitting.  Also, I never paint the same time every day so the lighting, shadows, and coloring change.  Anyway, here is my female cardinal watercolor to say so long winter, see you later this year at our usual time



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